Thursday, June 01, 2006

What's with Elmhurst?

Elmhurst is one of those close-in, tree-shaded suburbs of Chicago which is afflicted with the McMansion Syndrome. McMansion Syndrome occurs when developers buy up the cute little 50's and 60's ranch homes and tear them down. In their place, outsized homes are built on the lots; these homes loom over their neighbors in both size and conspicious consumption. Alot of suburbs around here are experiencing this problem.

Aside from all those hulking homes, what sets Elmhurst apart is its interest in SEX or at least that is what the story on says. Using a new tool within the Google Search Engine you can judge the popularity of search terms. Google Trends is kind of fun to play with. Gosh, I've been to family parties in Elmhurst and I never knew....

But wait, when I tried to duplicate the search, I didn't get the same results -- it looks like St. Louis comes in first in the searching for sex race.

I'm not sure how well the the new tool works, it's still under development. I was tickled to see that Bay City, Michigan leads the way with searches on the word "Tiki", far outpacing Honolulu, Hawaii. The Kingfish Restaurant & Tiki Room must be the place to be, as it appears to be the only thing Tiki in Bay City.


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