Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm back

Well, it seems I have taken an unplanned break from blogging. Nothing tragic happened, I just got sucked into the madness of TV sweeps weeks. Yes, despite all my efforts to be a highly cultured and refined woman of taste -- I adore reality tv.

It was a very satisfying sweeps week because all the characters I liked seemed to win. The hippie team on Amazing Race pulled out a sweet victory using their brains and a bit of quirky charm. Taylor Hicks, the prematurely gray singer of American Idol walked away a winner as did Harold, my favorite chef on Top Chef.

The last spouse has been swapped or traded and the smart English Nannies have solved the last family disaster. The annoying Ty Pennington has fixed his last home of the season. No need to re-cap all the shows, they all had their little spats and thrills. I just eat it all up and I don't know why. My daughter and I bond watching the fights or figuring the strategy... we have a ball.

I am a bit wistful, it will be a while before they all start up again and we have our nightly fix. Until then I should blog more and cast around for the forensic/ CSI shows -- we love them too.


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