Friday, February 02, 2007

Check out Donald Crowdis at Don to Earth

Don Crowdis is a retired Canadian television personality who authors a very readable blog. Since Don is over 90 and a vital, well spoken guy, I decided I had better read him to keep my own hang ups about aging in check.
His current post on blogging raises the issue of the democracy of blogging. I'm not sure where I stand on this -- sure everyone can blog, but who are the readers? It's really hard to know if anyone is reading your stuff, unless they comment. If a blog falls in the forest, is there a sound?
Also, blogs can be echo chambers, I know that I tend to read blogs I agree with and not those that I don't. Since I have many views that aren't covered, as I would wish, in the mainstream press I tend to read blogs that cover them in the manner I agree with. It feels good to find similar minds, finally, after feeling like the lone wolf for years. But I also see the danger in being limited to only people we agree with. In fact, the growth of the 'blog media' may actually be a response to the sameness among mainstream media outlets because they just tend to echo each other, often using the same word in their coverage.
I'm getting a bit deep here for a Friday (especially pre Bears Super Bowl), I better pull out before I bring up Plato's Cave Metaphor....which I think applies. Are we just watching the shadows on the cave wall or have we broken loose and see it clearly in the sunlight?
Anyway, read Don to Earth -- he gives me hope about aging and still being ... cool or something.

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