Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Doing More with Technology

As someone who spends my entire workday on the Internet, I wasn't too surprised to see the impact that it has on the modern family.
Yahoo and OMD issued the findings from the latest round of their ongoing global research project in 16 countries that involves online surveys and in-person interviews. What they found is that through technology and multitasking families are cramming the equivalent of 43 hours of activity into a 24 hour day. They also found that the Internet (and mobile phones) are a significant part of the fabric of daily family life.

One curious point is that the Internet is the preferred source for most information except Comedy and News, where Television is preferred. I rarely watch television news, I'd rather use the internet and listen to the radio only. On the internet you can see diverse news stories and also read all kinds of opinion and analysis -- instead of the slanted opinion-dressed-as-fact the networks deliver.

Thankfully, something is staying the same:
Nearly three quarters (73 percent) of families with children said it is important to eat dinner together each day. Eight out of 10 adults said they "enjoy spending time with their family." This number increases to nine out of 10 among those married with children.
Yes, even with technology, we still like and love our family -- who would have known....


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