Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I go through a whole weird process when I plan a vacation. First, there is excitement, just thinking of all the places to go until I settle on a destination. Then there is studious research, planning the road trip or finding flights and hotels. After the research comes the distress, and worry about the whole idea of the trip; I get nervous about the cost, time away or danger involved. Eventually, I come to a crossroad where I either dump the whole trip idea or take the plunge and book it.

I booked a trip today for Orlando. It's giddy time, I'm so excited! The 5 day adventure is quite a ways off, but I'm psyched. All the nervousness is gone now that I made the arrangements. This whole nervy process has developed since I began traveling solo or with my daughter. When my father or boyfriend travelling with me, I never did the whole hand wringing thing. Thankfully, I can make my way through the process, or I would never go anywhere.


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