Saturday, February 25, 2006

Online Paperdolls

Sitting here on a Saturday night, I decided I would just surf around the web and see what cool sites I could find. So out of the blue, I chose the term Paper Dolls to see what Google would turn up. Guess what, there is a whole world of paperdoll stuff on the net. Here are just a couple of sites.

There are charming dolls you can download at just download and print vintage characters.

Do online dress-up of your favorite stars (if you are 12)at Paperdoll Heaven. I really like the Pride & Prejudice dolls and the Oscar Statuette.

If you want to collect paperdolls that are suitable for framing, check out Legacy Pride Paper Dolls. Quite a variety here, from Hillary Clinton, Frida Kahlo, Pip from Great Expectations to Mamie Van Doren.

If you want to make your own dolls or become an expert, there is the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild. Their magazine not only publishes how-to for amateur artists, but is a resource for collectors.

Who knew....


At 8:46 PM, Blogger Isabelle said...

Wow, endless amusement. I just wasted 15 minutes with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Elvis. Way too fun--this'll be great at work! :-)


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