Friday, February 24, 2006

Too Much Sometimes

I haven't posted much this week and there are several reasons (or excuses). I will list them in no particular order:
  • I miss smoking a lot.
  • My daughter is going to a dance and won't stop questioning every rule or guideline I present. (Her date is a junior and drives).
  • I like American Idol better than the Olympics -- and I'm ashamed.
  • I wonder if I could smoke just one cigarette every now and then.
  • I am still sore on Friday from my ab work-out on Tuesday, is this normal?
  • What should I do with all the boxes of stuff from my Dad's? I can't hardly bear to look in them.
  • Could I make a smoker friend and just smoke at their house every now and then?

I just am at loose-ends now that I have developed an allergy to the nicotine patch. I am covered with itchy spots all over my body and I feel like a real addict. The gum and the lozenges are horrible, so now I am cold-turkeying.


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