Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm Quit, Day One

Yesterday was Quit Day. I inhaled my last smoke last night, just before dashing into my Cessation Class. I know I can do this, but I am worried that I am not pschyed enough. I should be more invested in the whole process, but what can I say.... I've quit before.

I am wearing my patch and drinking a ton of water, so far, so good. I popped a couple of cinnamon Altoids when I wanted a little zing and that worked.

Tonight I start working out at the Health Club. From what the guy told me when I joined, they track your attendance and call you if you don't come enough. In some cases, they will come to your house and make you come. While I really wonder if they are that interested, my girl is paranoid that we will get into trouble if we don't go. I think I can withstand the prodding of a health club employee, but the worried pleading of my daughter is a bit more scary.

So I a guess I'm off on a new 'healthy' phase of life --- I better get a little pschyed.


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